Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Our Memorable Hinthada GTI

This is initial place of our Hinthada GTI. Now it is moved to Ohn Taw, Nat Maw and Upgraded to Hinthada Technological University. Anyway this is our mother land and memorable building.


Phone Myat Kyaw said...

Actually we need to share Knowledge (Technical and others also). We need more pre-planned program for ease of participant and colleges. Also training (sharing knowledge) from well experienced seniors is essential.

Phone Myat Kyaw@Big Bird
Hinthada GTI 1994 Intake

GTI Hinthada said...

Thank You for your comment, Ko Phone Myat Kyaw.
We are leading to do so. We are inviting every author who can share their Technical Knowledge.
If there is anybody who want to share their experience and knowledge pls send your email address to Or just post in an comment. We will invite you to become an author.